Custom Engine Building - The Hot Rod of Your Dreams!

Whether you dreamed about it as a kid or grew up around it, there’s nothing like the thrill of owning and driving a hot rod. The smell of the burning rubber and high octane exhaust is enough to make any gear head stand up and pay attention.

Let’s build your hot rod today!

At Stamps Auto & Machine, we make dreams come true. From modern-day speedsters to the muscle cars of yesteryear, we rebuild and customize motors of all kinds.

Thinking of how much more power that supercharger will add? Find out! We’ll get you in and out in time for the Friday night drags.

Bring us your block or just provide us your wish list and we’ll customize your motor with high-performance parts that fit your budget and can hold up to the weight of any lead foot.

  • Balancing
  • Stroking
  • Custom Performance Parts
  • Turbo/Superchargers
  • Performance Camshafts

Life is too Short, Use a Pro

With a lifetime of experience in high-performance engines, a keen eye for details, and getting the most out of your equipment, Stamps Auto & Machine can make your dreams of going fast in style today’s reality. Let’s build your hot rod today!

Customer Testimonial

Huge shout out to John. Thanks for the help. I'll certainly be coming back for any service work I need. I've worked in the industry for 40 years before I retired and can tell good people when I see them. Thanks!! - Terry P.